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The Village of Lowville Department of Public Works currently consists of 11 dedicated employees who are responsible to the success of our projects and the safety of this community.  We pride ourselves on the work and service we provide our community.



1.  Street Cleaning / Snow & Ice Control

Streets are swept and cleaned in the Village corporate limits beginning in the spring and continuing throughout the summer.  Snow and ice control efforts are performed as required on variable basis.  The Village's effort includes plowing all streets and municipal parking lots and applying a salt/sand mixture as well.  Parking restrictions are stricly enforced to supplement these services.

2.  Street Repair & Projects

Capital improvements to various roadways are performed by the DPW.  See CURRENT PUBLIC WORKS OPERATIONS & PLANS section below for a list of planned capital projects for the upcoming fiscal year.  Maintenance of streets is a constant and endless chore of activity.  DPW crews routinely repair and resurface streets and/or sections of streets as necessary.

3.  Sewers

Sanitary sewers are cleaned on a routine basis and also as needed.  If a sewer problem is encountered, it is the responsibility of the property owner to confirm the location of the problem within the sewer lateral before contacting the Village for assistance.  Property owners may contact the DPW for assistance in locatin their sewer lateral(s) if necessary.  The Department of Public Works also maintains and cleans storm sewers on an as needed basis.

4.  Public Works Administration

Office Hours:  7:00 AM - 3:30 PM (12:00 - 12:30 lunch)

For DPW emergency calls, before 7:00 AM or after 3:30 PM, please contact the Lowville Police Department at 376-6511, or the Lewis County Sheriff's Department at 376-3511.  Notification to, and approval from, the DPW is required for all activities within street right of way.  All utility placements shall be inspected by the Village prior to any backfill.

5.  Water Treatment

The Village's Water Treatment Plant is located on the Number Four Road in the Town of Watson.  Built in 1998, it has a rated capacity of 1.5 million gallons per day.  The daily average production is currently approximately 900,000 gallons per day.  The system draws water from several surface water sources located on Village property.  Is is filtered by slow sand filters; chlorinated for disinfection; and finally treated for corrosion control by the addition of lime and zinc orthophosphate.  Treated water is delivered to the Village by gravity through two water transmission poplines to the Village.  Any excess not used immediately in the distribution system is routed to the Village's 3.0 million gallon reservoir on the Number Three Road just north of the Village.

6.  Water Distribution System

The water distribution system is monitored on a daily basis to ensure that the water produced by the water treatment plant is delivered to all Village water customers without interruption, at appropriate pressure and is accurately measured for billing purposes.

Hours of Operation:

OFFICE HOURS:  7:00 AM - NOON and 12:30 - 3:30 PM

For DPW emergency calls, before 7:00 AM or after 3:30 PM, please contact the Lowville Police Department at 376-6511, or the Lewis County Sheriff's Department at 376-3511.


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